Pradeep Ballal Photography
    Sunrise over Angkor Wat
    Siem Reap, Cambodia
  2. eye in the sky

    Selections of aerial photos & videos

  3. About

    • Software Architect
    • Currently Principal Architect for Asia Pacific region at analytics firm - FICO.
    • Previously successfully worked for leading companies - PayPal, ANZ Bank and FICO (also called Fair Isaac) in multiple roles of consulting manager, engineer, designer, architect.
    • Traveller, avid photographer, and an RC pilot.
    • Scale modeler, cook and food carving.
    • All things DIY enthusiast..

    Here is what I shoot with

    • Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 350D
    • Various lenses - mostly Canon 24-105L IS, Canon 100L IS, Samayang 8mm f3.5 fisheye.
    • DJI Phantom equipped with gimbal
    • GoPro Hero 3+ and Sony

    Guiding principles

    • Personal integrity is above all else
    • Say what you mean, do what you say
    • Everyone has something to contribute
    • People first, above everything
    • Work hard and have fun while at it
    • Variety is beautiful and is important. Experience it
    • Do not make assuptions and take things for granted

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